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2021 : Strange days indeed. The end of Covid-19 is in sight. Please be safe while cycling – follow the Province’s suggestions and timetable related to COVID 19, and get vaccinated when called! 

NiagaraCycling will strive to be the one stop for Bicycling Information in Niagara reaching out to visiting bicycle tourists and seasoned local riders as well. 
Maps and route information are the most sought items and
Niagaracycling will endeavour to provide the most complete and accurate information possible.  Look here for Niagara Cycling Clubs, Bike Shops, Alerts, Ferry Info (Very Useful Info) and Events.

The activities of the Regional Niagara Bicycling Committee (RNBC) have been replaced by the Region’s Active Transportation Sub-Committee. NiagaraCycling will deliver more diverse information than RNBC ever could.

Sit back and explore what we have to offer.  Feel free to offer suggestions to improve NiagaraCycling and make it even better!
Rediscover Cycling in 2021! Watch this to get the itch

Want to upgrade your cycling skills, feel more confident on the road? Check out BikeNiagara for their offerings of cycling education geared towards adults as well as young people. 

Do you have children who could use some safety tips? Until actual in person cycling classes can be offered, watch the Virtual Bicycle Rodeo that is sponsored by Heart Niagara.

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Check out Explore Ontario By Bike for great rides around the Province 

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